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Praise for the Irish Fortune Series

HNS Editors' Choice.png

Historical Novel Society Editors' Choice - Beneath the Darkening Clouds

"The plot is gripping. [...] The description and historical detail will transport the reader to

Ireland during a devastating time in history. [...] The meticulous research done by the author is evident,

and the book is informative as well as entertaining. This intriguing, well-written novel is

recommended to anyone interested in Irish history and family sagas."

Read the full review here.

2022 Bronze Medal.png

Five stars and a bronze medal for Beneath the Darkening Clouds from The Historical Fiction Company!

"From the first line, Weber captivates the reader. [...] With a skillful pen, [she] portrays the characters and settings with historical accuracy for the era. [...] And if there is any anticipatory work to be done,

it is the desire that Juliane Weber quickly write the follow-up."

Read the full review here.

Bronze Medal.png

Five stars for Beneath the Darkening Clouds from Readers' Favorite! 

"Juliane Weber has crafted a sweeping saga with plenty of romantic tension, historical drama,

and deeply emotive moments. [The book] puts Ireland at the forefront of the tale, from all the small details about the culture and way of life to the celebration of mythology, landscape, and spirit that keeps

the novel bright even during the greatest hardships."

Read the full review here. 

HFC medal.png

Five stars and a bronze medal for Under the Emerald Sky from The Historical Fiction Company! 

"[F]rom the first line to the last line, this is a book which excites and intrigues. [...] Under the Emerald Sky reaches another level in storytelling – the kind where the characters remain with you long after you have closed the book, and you are longing to know what happens next for them."

Read the full review here

2022 FINALST.png

Five stars for Under the Emerald Sky from Readers' Favorite!

"An intelligently plotted and atmospheric historical novel, Under the Emerald Sky takes readers on a rollicking ride through a turbulent period in Irish history. [...] The setting is beautifully written and skillfully set at a time in which the Irish experience oppression under English rule and when only a few

locals had the privilege of owning their land." 

Read the full review here.

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