What readers are saying about Juliane's debut historical novel, Under the Emerald Sky

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Five stars and a bronze medal from The Historical Fiction Company! 

"The characters are SO believable, and the emotions, both intimate and public, are incredibly

relatable; so much so that Under the Emerald Sky reaches another level in storytelling – 

the kind where the characters remain with you long after you have closed the book, and you are

longing to know what happens next for them."

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Five stars from Readers' Favorite!

"An intelligently plotted and atmospheric historical novel, Under the Emerald Sky takes readers on a rollicking ride through a turbulent period in Irish history and follows a love that is “forbidden.” The setting is beautifully written and skillfully set at a time in which the Irish experience oppression under English rule and when only a few locals had the privilege of owning their land." 

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"Under the Emerald Sky is a page-turning historic romance that immerses the reader in an Ireland now lost to the passage of time. If you enjoy romances that break social taboos and lead to social and economic

reform, this will be your cup of cocoa."

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"A terrific read! Under the Emerald Sky by Juliane Weber is a dynamic historical adventure romance taking place in beautiful Ireland a few years before the potato famine. [...]

You will love the romance and the Irish history."

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"I enjoyed this story! I would recommend it to history buffs and readers who enjoy

romance with some adversity mixed in."

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"Very good - More please..."

(translated from German)