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What's new? A few things actually...

While I haven't posted an update in a few weeks, this doesn't mean that I haven't been busy! For one thing, I've been doing a good bit of writing on the second book in the Irish Fortune Series, Beneath the Darkening Clouds. It turns out that having an office to write in is quite inspiring to actually get some writing done. While I used to sit on the couch (or the bed) with my laptop (and this did work quite well for a time), I now sit at a proper desk on a chair, which seems to have the immediate effect of me being more prolific at this stage of my writing career.

And while I've been busy writing Book 2, Book 1 has had a makeover, in the form of a brand new cover. It was a difficult choice for me to change the cover of Under the Emerald Sky, as the previous one was designed by my sister and was therefore close to my heart. However, I had been advised that the book cover needed to say a bit more about the book, including the genre and in this case, the historical setting, so that potential readers would be more likely to have a closer look. I decided to listen to the experts and contacted the wonderful team of graphic designers at White Rabbit Arts, who created a beautiful new cover based on my wishes and their expertise.

What do you think? I hope you love it as much as I do!

Find White Rabbit Arts at The Historical Fiction Company, where you can also browse through a fantastic selection

of historical fiction books,

as well as read fascinating articles to do with all things historical.

But the news doesn't end there. Besides getting a new look, Under the Emerald Sky has also received a 5-star rating from Readers' Favorite! Great reviews and ratings are very much appreciated by authors, especially if those reviews will potentially be read by hundreds of prospective readers. Check out the review here. Naturally, I was quite thrilled with my 5-star rating, particularly so as it comes with the perk of using the Readers' Favorite 5-star badge in any way I choose.

You'll find that I've liberally sprinkled my website and social media posts with

the 5-star badge. And why not, I say?

If you've read a book and loved it, but haven't rated it or posted a review, do it now! You'll make that author happy and help others find their next great read. And if you've read a great book, tell me about it. I'd love to hear from you!

by Juliane Weber (@Writer_JW) 24 September 2021 [subscribe on the main page]


About Juliane Weber

Juliane is a scientist, turned medical writer, turned novelist. Her debut historical novel, Under the Emerald Sky, is the first book in The Irish Fortune Series, which is set in 19th century Ireland around the time of the Great Famine.

Buy the book here, or visit Juliane’s website to find out more.

He's come to Ireland to escape his past. She's trying to run from her future.

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