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I haven't been in touch for a while and I thought I'd post something a little different today. Having published a book myself, I know how difficult it can be for authors to get anyone to read their work! So I thought I'd share with you some books I've recently read and enjoyed from authors who deserve to be noticed. Perhaps you'll pick up some of these books and enjoy them as much as I did. I'm hoping to make this a regular feature, so stay tuned...

Scroll down for my recommendations this week.

As far as my own writing is concerned, I'm slogging away at Book 2 in the Irish Fortune Series and am still on track to releasing Beneath the Darkening Clouds later this year (I hope!). The first book in the series, Under the Emerald Sky, has just been on tour with the Coffee Pot Book Club, with the book featured on some fantastic blogs along the way. If you haven't checked out the various tour stops, take a look here. Author interviews, guest features and book spotlights await - and you may just learn a few new things about me!

And if you haven't yet seen the beautiful bronze medal that Under the Emerald Sky was awarded at the end of last year by the Historical Fiction Company, I'll just leave it here for you to admire.

For the full list of winners in the Historical Fiction Company 2021 Book of the Year Contest, click here.


Recommended reading

The Woman at the Gates by Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger is a gripping World War II novel set in the Ukraine, with much of the story based on the experiences of the author's own family. The book provides some fascinating insight into the history of the Ukraine, making it a pertinent read in current times.

Get the book here.

To escape it all, look no further than No Stone Unturned, the first of The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries by Pam Lecky. Set in Victorian London, the book is a rollicking adventure that continues into the second book of the series. The third installment has just come out and I can't wait to read it!

Get the book here.

If you enjoy the classics, check out An Unexpected Treasure by Celia Martin. You'll feel like you've stepped into the 17th century!

Get the book here.

Happy reading! And don't forget to post a review when you're done!

by Juliane Weber (@Writer_JW) 24 March 2022 [subscribe on the main page]


About Juliane Weber

Juliane is a scientist, turned medical writer, turned novelist. Her debut historical novel, Under the Emerald Sky, is the first book in The Irish Fortune Series, which is set in 19th century Ireland around the time of the Great Famine.

Buy the book here, or visit Juliane’s website to find out more.

He's come to Ireland to escape his past. She's trying to run from her future.

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